House Block

The intent of House Block is to build connections with our students and families, to strengthen relationships that foster commitment to our school and to learning. Solid relationships and a sense of connection to the school community lead to student engagement, strengthening both social and academic success.

Each day at Cariboo Hill begins with House Block where students work with a Teacher
Advisor. As an advisor, the teacher serves as a coach, mentor, and facilitator while guiding students through their learning at Cariboo Hill. Students have the same House Block for their years at Cariboo Hill as a means to provide continuity for support, connection and communication. Teacher advisors, students and parents work together to monitor the ongoing learning needs of each student. Given their daily connection with their students, the teacher advisors are often the first to notice when a student may need additional support in their school life, and can act as an advocate and guide.

House Blocks have been organized with students from grades 8 through 12 in order to develop
connections between the grades. Senior student mentors have been assigned to each House Block
providing opportunities for them to develop their own leadership skills while helping our junior students adapt to secondary school life. House Blocks have also been designed to keep families together as a way to improve communication. The teacher advisor for your family is another point of contact with our school when you have questions or concerns about your child’s learning.

We want our students to know they have, in their teacher advisor, another level of support to ensure their academic and social success at Cariboo Hill. We also want to strengthen the culture of Cariboo Hill as our students work together across grades to build a community of learners.

Please view our House Block Learning Stories for some examples of how House Block has been working at Cariboo Hill.

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